It's been quite a busy time for all members of Fuguwi, both personally and professionally.

As you well know, Fuguwi operates as a "Collective", meaning we understand and acknowledge the concept of individuality, so each and everyone of its members are given the full liberty to take on other projects if they choose to do so.  This opens more opportunities for us to grow as artists and really get out there and learn our craft more efficiently. 

So in other words, everyone has been really swamped with their own individual projects and personal affairs that we haven't seen each other's faces for quite some time (aside from facebook, of course! :D ).

It seemed we had a lot of catching up to do, So enters the "Fuguwi Collective WOLFPACK NIGHT!"


An awesome night-out for Fuguwi members, where everyone is treated to a "HANGOVER 3" movie pass, a popcorn and some drinks!  A perfect time to cut loose from everything else and enjoy a worry-free movie like "Hangover 3" :D


Oh, and did I forget to mention? We have TWO Fuguwi preggers! Yes, we are growing bigger! :) Little Fuguwis coming soon!


And what better way to end the night than to get some "hangovers" ourselves! :D


All in all, it was a breath of fresh air for all of us and just enjoy ourselves as friends and not as workmates :D