My voice evaporates and leaves me. But I don’t care
’Cos I know, you’re speechless too

I don’t want to leave or lose this peace.

Anthon and Ann came home all the way from New Zealand to finally realize their dream wedding with their families and friends. A well-executed DIY wedding is best represented here, where every detail starting from the invitation, all the way to the bride's wedding dress, were all products of careful collaboration between the couple's families and closest friends. As the couple shared with us, endless emails and facebook messages were exchanged across the web between New Zealand and the Philippines, as the couple tirelessly coordinated with everyone involved to finally produce a very exceptional and personalized wedding as seen on this video. Needless to say, it was no easy feat for everyone, and for that, they have our respect and admiration!

We raise our glasses to our awesome couple and new-found friends, Ann and Anthon!


Kudos to our long-time friend and new editor, Sam Ramos. Great job on this surprise SDE!