When CATS Motors invited us to do a project with Mercedes-Benz, instant brand recognition in our brains suggested ‪#‎luxury‬ ‪#‎elegance‬ and ‪#‎beauty‬. You know, the "Chedeng" type of image that we all have come to know. But as we learned more about AMG Series and the type of event we are tasked to cover and be a part of, our notion of the brand quickly shifted to ‪#‎power‬ ‪#‎speed‬ and ‪#‎precision‬. Far from what we expected from a Mercedes-Benz kind of event! We ended the day with a reinvented view of the brand and It was truly a fast, exciting and exhilarating experience that we all like to share with you!

client: CATS Motors
filmed and edited : Fuguwi Collective