CAMILLE CO x BANILA CO. / Into The Art of the Makeup

Hey there!  Today, we tap into our feminine sides and delve into the whimsical world of makeup!

Recently, we have been friends with Banila Co. , a South Korean cosmetics brand owned by F&F.  They are reaching Philippine shores this month of November, and they're coming in with a bang!

With their upcoming launch this November, this video, in collaboration with famous fashion and travel blogger Ms. Camille Co, announces on social media the official launch of Banila Co into the Philippines

Being our first time to shoot an actual makeup tutorial, (needless to say, we had no clue on the process of doing makeup), our team had a real crash course into this art.  It's really amazing how much effort is put into doing makeup.  And we have to say, we salute all the women out there for finding the time and energy to do makeup everyday, in this absolutely busy world we're living in today.  And for all the men out there, guys, we gotta' hand it to them,  they're doing this everyday just to look their best for us all!  So ease up and chill when you're girlfriend is running late, locked inside the bathroom,  She's doing it all for you!

And here's a quick behind-the-scenes video made by Banila Co.  Had a blast on this shoot!