Meet Mark and Chai, the "Yin-Yang" couple. It's been a great pleasure to take part on yet another "out of the box" wedding event that challenges the norm and at the same time celebrates life and love in its purest form!

Yes, you're eyes are not playing tricks, the groom is wearing sandals and a bandana on his wedding day! The bride is wearing flats and that's how she outran her groom during that church exit ! :)) This is not just a wedding, it is a statement!

Mark and Chai's message is clear, "This is our wedding, we will enjoy and we will do whatever we want! This is OUR day!" And we couldn't agree more! We are big fans of sincerity and authenticity, and Mark and Chai undoubtedly resonates pure and true love in every sense of the word!

Cheers to these hippies, stay in love forever!