Binondo has a very special place in the hearts of Paula and Christopher.  These two spend so much of their free time there, that they actually ended up as our tour guides and not to mention, our human navigation system as well ! (They knew every shortcut, every alley and every corner like the back of their hands!) 

It's not every day you meet a couple wanting their prenup shot right in the heart of Manila, not minding the dirt, smoke and the crowd.

Photos were shot right in the middle of the Chinese New Year celebration, as they have requested.  Although at first, we were hesitant to push through considering the large amount of crowd that are expected to show up that day.  We decided to do it anyway, and before we knew it, Paula and Chris were enjoying the sights and having their photos taken all at the same time!

We had such a blast experiencing our beloved Manila and spending time with these two lovely people! 

Congratulations Paula and Chris! We'll see you guys on your big day!