ON LOCATION with The Peninsula Manila

Recently, we've been spending our days shooting with a very bright and bubbly group of Individuals, spearheaded by the very awesome Paco Guerrero of Francisco Guerrero Photography as Director and Mariano Garchitorena, Director of public relations for The Manila Peninsula.  Paco Guerrero handles still photography and overall direction of the whole operation.

The goal of our shoot is to produce a series of videos for The Peninsula Manila. The Peninsula Academy was created to give guests an insider introduction to key aspects of Filipino culture, lifestyle, cuisine, arts and history through individualized classes, tours and activities. The Peninsula Manila has meticulously curated its programs by sourcing the very best tour guides and local partners, bringing the city and the country to life through exclusive activities, all accomplished with the celebrated Peninsula attention to detail.


The Peninsula have chosen four different programme locations for video, namely: Manila Design Compound, Taal Town, Intramuros and Corregidor.  Needless to say, it has been quite a journey for us!  Being a bunch of travel junkies, destination shoots will always have a special place in our hearts due to the various challenges and adventures that these type of shoots offer.  

One such challenge is the ever mischievous tropical weather of the Philippines.  Aside from the Manila Design Compound, all the rest are outdoor locations and nothing is there to shield us and our equipments should mother nature decide to give us a sudden afternoon downpour, just for fun!  And make no mistake, those weather apps are not a 100%, use it as a hint and not as a weather version of the Oracle in the movie Matrix.  There's no way of telling where and when it'll rain and at times, we literally found ourselves to be like a bunch of shamans vigilantly staring at those distant rainclouds and asking them not to come our way. And when it does, be quick on your feet and prepare the protocol of packing up and finding shelter.

Another tricky aspect was logistics...logistics...logistics! our video team operate as a small unit comprised of three, yes, THREE sweaty hard-working members, all doing their fair share of heavy-lifitng, running around, point A to B, grabbing coffee, etc.  Often times, destination shoots call for a lot of run-and-gun approach due to the amount of various locations that the client wants to shoot and include into the video.  So having a relatively small crew will give that extra edge when it comes to getting on one location to another, setting up on the fly, packing up and fitting into a single van.


To sum things up, run-and-gun shooting is hella' fun and it really does challenge one's mental and physical capabilities.  Some would say this type of video production is very non-systematic, amateur or "noobish", call it whatever you want, either way, we love, love, love this job! :D

The final video is now up and available for viewing at The Peninsula Manila's official website


watch the video directly below:

Client: The Peninsula Manila
Program: Peninsula Academy

Director: Francisco "Paco" Guerrero
Director of photography: Al Cruz
Cameramen: Jake Espedido, Miguel Chanco