We haven't done any reviews of ANYTHING before, we're no Philip Bloom, that's for sure.  But today, we just felt like we needed to let people know of what we think of our new little friend, the Gopro Hero3 Black.

But before anything else, please watch :D

As you can see, we needed footage of the backside of a running vehicle.  So, we had to purchase one of those suction cup mount that are sold separately under Gopro Accessories.  This wasn't our first try, early through the day, we've successfully mounted our Gopro and shot more than a few exterior footage of the car/s while running at 40-50 kph, without fail.  The suction cup mount in our opinion was really built with quality and is supposed to have "industry-strength" technology.  And we agree, it did pretty damn good staying attached to the side, top, back of the cars!

Here is where we #$%^ it up, we stubbornly disregarded the little fine prints in the suction package that says "Note: For maximum holding strength, attach to a clean surface.".  

In the video, you can see that the car has a pinstripe finish.  Although we checked and felt the surface of where we wanted to mount the suction a number of times, and it felt really clean and smooth.  But we thought wrong, apparently, even the slightest amount of open space between the suction rubber and the surface that was created by the pinstripe lines were enough to weaken the suction hold which eventually broke loose from where it is attached on.  And thus, this resulted to the carnage you see on the video.

Oh, and just for the record, our Gopro didn't die! Yep, lived to drop another day! :D

Have to say, we were really impressed with how much this little guy can take in terms of damage.  As you can see from the photo below,  sure, we did crack and lost one of its connecting joint/hinge, but considering the impact and the amount of speed before it hit the hard and textured concrete, it's really amazing how little damage it sustained from it!  So, kudos Gopro!

Call us silly, stubborn, even stupid, we'll take it! hahaha.  But the point here is, never neglect or disregard the fine details on handling your equipments.  These things don't come cheap (specially for small-time filmmakers like us :D), and you have to take care of your stuff, be aware of what your equipments can or can not do, so you can continue having fun!

Thanks for reading, guys! Fuguwi, out!