Day 1 Is A Wrap!

This year, we are blessed with an exciting project, one that we have certainly been yearning for since we started this group.  But at this early stage of the project, we feel it is best to keep it at low profile or at least try to, and don't get ahead of ourselves too much. :D 

The project has started shooting a week right before the long Holy Week vacay, and we are happy to report that Day 1 of shooting was a success and it was indeed what we needed to kickstart this project.  Hopefully, things will snowball from here :D

We'll keep you guys posted on any further progress, but for now, we'd like you to meet some of our new friends and the main people behind this project. :D

half-way through the day, some ice-cold beer as we enjoy a nice Manila sunset while doing some timelapse photography.

Mr. Bernhard Floedl, the brains behind the whole operation :D