Lose your body and your mind
And the bitter taste of time
All of us cry while we should be dancing
This sky where we live is no place to lose your way.
So love, love, love

We rarely post our Full Wedding Films online as we value the privacy of our clients.

But we believe Ray and Yan's wedding is particularly exceptional that it needs to be shared and be appreciated by everyone!

A very relaxed and intimate wedding set on the beautiful, rustic and rural background of Mendez, Cavite. After a 5-year relationship, Ray and Yan's wedding is a picture of Love finally reaching its finish line :) Founded on a strong friendship, and not to mention, their love for beer and music (check out their SAVE THE DATE video ), it is almost self-explanatory why they decided to have a MUSIC FESTIVAL-themed wedding :)

And of course, Fuguwi Collective is a sucker for anything fresh and different and we simply couldn't wait to do the coverage!

So grab your beers, let down your hairs and let's all do air-guitar to the rock and roll beat of LOVE!

Enjoy! :D

*Might want to buffer ahead before hitting play, because this is a 14-minute film :D