After almost 9 years, Pinoy and Dee finally pledge to stay together forever!

Meet Dee and Pinoy, and now going by their couple name, DeeNoy :D

They are dear friends from college and they've been together ever since, 9 years to be exact! Yes, you heard right, 9 YEARS! And this kind of love story and commitment, you don't hear often these days! And for that, we take our hats off to this awesome and lovely couple!


One look at their video thumbnail and you'll know right away, this wedding is nothing like any other!  The groom, Pinoy, is a 3D artist and loves paper modeling as a hobby, and our bride, Dee, is a superb art director and graphic designer.  Mix these two together, and you'll make perfect sense of how they've come up with this very unique and one of a kind wedding theme!

Cheers to our newlyweds, DeeNoy, here's to forever!