And here it is, folks! A short film that celebrates the other hidden beauties of Baler, Aurora. This quiet town is most known for its laid-back vibe and endless surf breaks, but little do visitors know that Baler is also host to other numerous enchanting landscapes and destinations. Combined with genuine Filipino hospitality provided by locals and merchants alike. Baler is simply more than just a go-to place for stoked weekend warriors looking for some waves. But also a truly beautiful macrocosm of people, places, nature and activities!

Client and producer : Deal Grocer
Shot and Edited by: Fuguwi Collective

Cheers to our

newfound family at DG: Jonas Asistio Aion Bato Angie Garcia Athena Antiporda

two beautiful and talented models and talents : Ceej Tantengco Irish Planes

local surf instructor : Jovanne Lagman

our genuinely hospitable hosts and merchants : Surfhouse Baler Costa Pacifica, Baler, Aurora Easy Adventure Côte Resort

and to all the people of Baler, Aurora

Fuguwi Collective is : Al Cruz Jake Espedido Miguel Chanco Kyle Espedido Benjie Capili

Additional freelance shooter : Kiel Ferreras

Sam Ramos for the DJI Osmo

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Moving postcards :) Here are some grabs from what we're editing today. Stoked to share soon!



The smell of salt water, the creaking sound your feet make on bamboo bridges, 60mph wind on your face down the highway, and the subtle crackling of burning wood in a bonfire. These are just some of the warm feelings we're having as we edit and color these images.

Sharing these experiences with you all very soon! But here's another screen grab for now :)

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